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Artist|Wang Yi, Ju Ting, Hsieh Yu-Cheng

Duration| 2022.9.8 – 2022.10.15

​Opening Hours|TUE - FRI   12:30 pm - 6:30 pm. / SAT   12:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue|PTT Space


Light is A verb

The exhibition presents a selection of abstract works, demonstrating to the viewer how light intervenes in the artworks or forms the artworks. It also shows how art creates cross-dimensional visual images through the layers randomly added by light, thus breaking down the limitation of space and removing the barriers in the digital age. Ultimately, the exhibition connects the viewer to the artworks, validating that we all exist together in the gallery space.


We attempt to deal with the interrogations in life with a simplified means, allowing abstract works to mask the complicated branches of thought and filter the unnecessary questions. Moreover, it will enable the essence of things to be projected clearly in the gaps of perception, providing us with an alternative perspective, which can calm the collective anxiety in turbulent times. 


The works presented are layered manually and repetitively. The artists abandon over-symbolic annotations and present the works beyond the surface in a microscopic perspective. They return to the initial structure of perception, removing most of the threads people in modern times take for granted and directly revealing the essence. Then, they penetrate the core of consciousness, conveying the highest empathic effect with minimal hints. The work leaves behind a clear thought that can be seen with pleasure, representing intentional perception, and challenging the composition of perception.


By extracting the essence of things, the artists aim to expand their spirit, making it possible to contain their struggling emotions in the works. They represent the characteristics of contemporary society, reflecting the totality of everyday life and the senses to convey metaphysical connotations. Based on the traces of handwork and the interpretation of light, the exhibition enables the works to stand out from the plain surface of paintings, creating a sense of space. The works become a site, guiding the viewer to immerse in them. It demonstrates the existence of light; therefore, we exist.

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