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Lo Lai-Lai    Hong Kong, 1983

2006   Bachelor of Art (Fine Arts) and Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong


A former travel journalist, Lo is interested in the development and the construction of nature. She is a learner at the collective organic farm Sang- woodgoon (Hong Kong) where she also explores, as an artist and a Hongkonger, the lifestyle of ‘Half-Farming, Half-X’, a practice that seeks alternatives and autonomy. Lai Lai finds her interests in food, farming, fermentation, slow-driving, surveillance, and meditation. Mixing multiple media including moving image, photography, and installation.

Her works are collected by the Sigg Collection and Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (US). Lo has previously presented solo exhibitions at Give no words but mum (2020, Tomorrow Maybe, Hong Kong), Down into the Abyss (2018, bonacon gallery, Guangzhou, China), Slow-So TV - Ann Eilathan’s Gaze (2016, Floating Projects, Hong Kong) and Souvenir and Gift (2014, the Observation Society, Guangzhou, China). She is the recipient of the WMA Commission Grant on the theme ‘Opportunity’ and her works were presented in San Francisco,Paris, Dresden, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta, Beijing, and Shanghai, among others.

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