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Artist|Shiy De-Jinn

Duration| 2020.10.04 – 2021.12.15

​Opening Hours|TUE - FRI   12:30 pm - 6:30 pm. / SAT   12:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue|PTT Space


Shiy De Jinn:
Queer Gaze

Curator / Penny Liu


Shiy Dejin's portraits reveal his feelings, thoughts, desires, and memories through times. After decades, the term "Queer Gaze" was finally coined to explain these paintings' curious atmosphere. The idea of "Queer Gaze" breaks away from the usual binary perspective and seeks to identify an observation point in a neutral and non-confrontational approach. With this new understanding, one can view and consider his works in a more diverse and broader horizon.


When the model and the artist are no longer present, the works' in-depth implication appears, and the viewers finally perceive the work on their own. In this confrontation, the artist and the object painted are no longer crucial because a meaningful portrait reveals the viewer's mentality. "A good portrait can penetrate your soul, capture your character, and reveals your habit, and to pull your sub-consciousness to the surface." Hence, when the audience preforms a long and focused gaze on the work, the connection between the painting and the viewer grows more profound and more meaningful, slowly revealing the audience's emotion. How did this work affect me? In an era where attention is easily distracted, can we still retain the ability to gaze and build sympathy with the paintings? Through gazes, Shiy Dejin's portraits invite viewers to establish an absolute, pure, and exclusive relationship with them.

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