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Artist|Juan Sea, Hsu Ting

Duration| 2022.05.14 – 2022.06.25

​Opening Hours|TUE - FRI   12:30 pm - 6:30 pm. / SAT   12:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue|PTT Space



How does one hold their life experience in the window of the mind?


Individuals receive the materials of everyday life and organize and edit those materials, turning them into images in their minds. Those feelings fall outside of the realm of words, a realm where thought can be perceived yet challenging to articulate. The artist picks up fragments of sensory memories in life, capturing moments that no one has yet noticed, giving them characteristics, and trying to depict the outlines.


In the works, the images do not merely represent the visuality itself, but further bring about an interlaced dimension of time and space. The clues of life are overlapped and mapped in this space and time, allowing time to lapse repeatedly, becoming an organic scenario that stays in the emotions of both the artist and the beholder. The integrity of photography entirely relies on the intention of the photographer. Thus, the fragmented images, single-sided perspectives, or a glimpse of shadows, driven by the photographer’s consciousness, become a complete narrative. At the same time, they break away from the restraint of the two-dimensional plane to communicate with the beholders, initiating a metaphysical conversation. And we can now realize that a tiny piece could construct a broad landscape. There are stories, people, profound thinking, and the very essence in the landscape.

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