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Space Out


24 December 2022 - 14 February 2023

This time "Space out" exhibits Huang Xuan's recent creations of performances, video records, graphic works, objects, etc. By observing the subtle rules and inertial patterns in life, the artist tries to perceive some daily feelings that have gradually become numb by causing small disturbances through personal actions.


The artist extends the term distraction in daily life, using the whole body to perceive various changes in the microscopic world, not sticking to the existing framework, and trying to respond differently to rules and laws, providing another way to deal with reality. Remain unfocused in the mediocre run of life. 


The things and daily feelings that people are accustomed to at ordinary times make people gradually forget the essence of life, and then they are trapped in a cage wrapped by the environment, focusing on the rules of survival in this world, which not only shackles the infinite imagination of human beings but also limits creative ability. In this regard, Huang Xuan uses her personal actions to create ripples in the calm and regular world, awakening the sensory receptors of the viewers who have been sleeping for a long time and resonating with them. Explore the possibilities in a melodious movement, with an irregular rhythm.


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