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Ways to Fix Broken Images 

20 January - 17 February 2024

 “Ways to Fix Broken Images” aims to explore how young artists handle images. With the overwhelming visual information that almost covers our daily lives, how can it be utilized by painters? We frequently browse through social media, media, and popular images, becoming familiar with them through repeated viewing. We also join the ranks of image creation, even though the widely circulated images may not align with real-life experiences. The rich visual experiences create contradictions, revealing a distance between visual experiences and personal experiences, while also pointing out the moments when creators intervene.


Artist Yang Fu-An demonstrates a casual and spontaneous attitude when dealing with images in painting. The act of sourcing materials becomes a simple task, while the process of how to paint becomes the time-consuming and exploratory core of the creation. Brushstrokes and colors act as a subtraction from the images, breaking down their reality and unreality. Artist He Si-Xian creates surreal scenes with invisible exits, consisting of elongated mirrors, suggestive doors, and block-like backgrounds. These elements compose peculiar painting settings where close-up details shift from realistic scrutiny to fictional overall scenery. Artist Kuo Jun-You’s works resemble temporary levels, with floating text and patterns filled with uncertainty. The spatial exploration hovers on the boundary between rationality and irrationality, offering a delightful experience.


“Ways to Fix Broken Images” reveals the young artists’ worldview of images and showcases the strange internal landscapes. The relationship between visual images and our lives has never been complete, yet creators, through painting, reimagine and transform, developing spaces that go beyond reality. In doing so, they bridge the moments when image ruptures occur.


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