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Artist|Fan Xi

Duration| 2021.08.14 – 2021.09.24

​Opening Hours|TUE - FRI   12:30 pm - 6:30 pm. / SAT   12:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue|PTT Space


The Dream Site

The exhibition is about a place, a location, a conversation, and a certain moment. How "current moments" escape from the limitation of time and space represented in two-dimensional images are the "ever-growing images" Fan Xi seeks to create. She performs an action that documents the moment, captures distinctive angles and tiny changes at every moment, and assembling familiar yet unconventional experiences through fragmented images.


When looking from different perspectives, one may perceive various appearances and experiences, as the experience itself is not an individual encounter but a convergence of many messages and perceptions of numerous layers. Interestingly, in these seemingly static two-dimensional images, there is a three-dimensional quality that allows these things to continue.


Fan Xi observes and takes photos of outdoor garden environments as if examining three-dimensional sculptural entities. She selects photos from twenty to five hundred images and crops particular details that demonstrate positional features, assembling those cropped images into the final artworks. Once the details are removed from the visual contexts, which render them into holistic pictures, they leave an irregular perspective on the final works.

Fan believes that one develops experiences by approaching, distancing, forgetting, and re-awakening. Therefore, one cannot fully document relationships as such merely on s single dimension level.


However, what is more crucial in documenting is that the proposition of "ever-growing" is generated in the context of time. In "Untitled," the defunct clock's hands are either inoperative or continuously operating at excessively high speed that humans cannot comprehend and capture the passing of time. The work reveals that all moments are vague and ethereal, let alone defining them precisely. And thankfully, we can still perceive and document the whole experience, transforming it into another new process, like a familiar yet novel journey, a known yet strange place, a dream-like virtual scenario —The Dream Site.

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