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26 March - 30 March 2024 

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 will be held at the end of March, and PTT Space presents the video works of three artists, Huang Xuan, Mayuko Inui  and Lêna Bùi, in the section "FILM". The screening is curated by curator Li Zhenhua, and will be broadcasted in different sessions under the sub-themes of "External History" and "The Artist Is Present", and you are welcome to stop by the venue to watch them!

Vietnamese artist Lêna Bùi’s beautifully filmed short Kindred relates the mental musings and peregrinations of a reincarnated soul as it moves from one life to another, and through successive cycles of growth and decay, and a series of configured worlds.

Working with an alluring split-screen palette, Japanese artist Mayuko Inui’s The Song of Kuzunoha investigates the emancipatory potential of queer and non-binary identity, articulated through the ancient kitsune myth of Kuzonoha.

Chair by Huang Xuan plays humorously on the homographic confusion of the word ‘chair’ in English, where it means a type of seat, and in French, where it means ‘flesh’. The artist reverses the position of body and chair in a succession of everyday situations that become increasingly absurd and physically unsustainable.

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