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- SOLARIS 索拉力星



02 March - 13 April 2024

In Tarkovsky's sci-fi film “Solaris”, there exists an ocean that can read and visualize human memories. The protagonist meets his wife, who is supposed to be dead, and loves her as he always has, but realizes that she is only an illusion. It is the emotions and memories he possesses that make him deeply attracted to the fictional reality of the ocean.

Hidetaka Suzuki tries to approach the complexity, variability, and contradiction of human emotions in his works and to deal with the ambiguity between fiction and reality. Suzuki deposits memories in paintings just as to deposit memories on the planet Solaris. His paintings may enter people's minds and be recalled years later, changing according to the viewer's memories and experiences, similar to the enduring recollection of love in the movie.





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